Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

 Professor Soe W. Myint is geography professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University.  His work has involved analysis of remotely sensed data, geographic information system, geostatistical modeling, data mining, pattern recognition, and geospatial analysis techniques. His expertise in geospatial techniques, statistical modeling, and signal processing has led to development of spatial and frequency based algorithms that identify complex spatial features, objects, and classes. Some of the geospatial algorithms that he has been developing and exploring includes spatial occurrence matrix, spatial autocorrelation (Moran's I and Geary's C), fractal analysis method, Lacunarity analysis techniques, G index, and Fourier transform approach. Recently, Soe has been examining the effectiveness of spatial-temporal image analysis that can be employed to tackle some emerging environmental issues in connection to climate change.  For more information see:



Professor Norman Kerle is currently Adjunct Professor of Remote Sensing for Disaster Risk Management (tenure track) in the ITC’s Earth Systems Analysis department.  He received Masters degrees in geography from the University of Hamburg (Germany) as well as from the Ohio State University (US), and a PhD in geography (volcano remote sensing) from the University of Cambridge, UK (2002). His research in volcanology started with project work in Costa Rica in 1994, followed by disaster research in the Philippines (1996). A focus on remote sensing developed during a project at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre in 1997, followed by extensive work on a multi-national project in Nicaragua (1998-2001). Since then he has moved into more methodological work related to hazards, risk and disaster damage assessment with multi-type geodata, in particular obtained from drones, in addition to landslide research and quantitative geomorphology, frequently with object-based analysis methods (OBIA). Another current research project focuses on the assessment of post-disaster recovery with remote sensing image analysis and macro-economic agent-based modellingFor more information see


Professor Nguyen Viet Thinh was the President of Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE) in the period of 2005-2011 and the Dean of the Department of Geography, HNUE for seven years. Professor Thinh is an expert on natural resource management, socioeconomics in coastal areas, regional development, methods and methodology in geography, applied geography, and GIS. He is the author of many publications, textbooks, monographs, and manuals for teachers and students. In collaboration with other researchers, he has led numerous national and international projects, especially from the Southeastern Asia and Asia - Pacific regions. Professor Thinh has made significant contributions to the development of Hanoi National University of Education and of the education of students in Vietnam. For more information visit:ới-thiệu/Đội-ngũ-cán-bộ/id/32/moduleId/1901/control/Open



Dr Hiroyuki Miyazaki is Visiting Assistant Professor in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Project Assistant Professor/Project Researcher in The University of Tokyo, Japan. He has 14 years’ experience on geospatial technology, such as geographic information system (GIS), satellite remote sensing, positioning technology, and mobile phone technology, and its applications for various sectors including energy, environment, disaster management, urban infrastructure, public health, and knowledge management. Recently, his work focuses on international development on applications of geospatial information technology and space technology for sustainable development in Asia and Pacific.For more information see:

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